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The correct title of this article is zzzmn. The initial letter is capitalized due to technical limitations.

Inactive Project
This project appears to be discontinued.

zzzmn (zzz[urdeadzzz] messaging network) is a third party emulation of dAmn. It uses a NoodleBot to process incoming dAmn data.


zzzmn was started in late August, 2006.


Changelog for zzzmn (Version 0.3.9 β)

V 0.1 β [not public]

  • Initial creation
zzzmn V 0.1 β

V 0.2 β [not public]

  • Added support for topic/title, (partial) emotes and :dev:
zzzmn V 0.2 β

V 0.3 β [not public]

  • Thumb support added, reconfiguration of theme

V 0.3.9 β [not public]

  • New transferring method -- HTTP, replacing the old FTP method, acquired a new host

V 0.4 β [not public] [unreleased]

Complete re-write of the zzzmn system, both server side and bot-side.
New things:

  • Connect to more channels than just #Botdom
    • Individual logs, clearing when you enter
  • User preferences
    • Reload rate
    • Theme
    • Data for the ^zzzmn command
  • Automatic leaving/joining of chat rooms [based off of data sent off of the zzzmn client]
    • Sends welcome message and a short disclaimer
    • Sends parting message
  • Thumb support
  • Icon support
  • New reload system


zzzmn is built using PHP, both the bot and the client. It uses HTTP transferring to transfer data obtained from dAmn.


zzzmn is headed by Lewis N. Reed (zzzurdeadzzzz), with much help from The Secret Dave. ;P

Beta Testers

The Secret Dave, ClanCC, photofroggy, valorfive, and electricnet.


zzzmn is now open-source.

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