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an experimental bot by photofroggy

Please note that I have been using the triggers for my bots for a long time, if you make a bot with the same trigger key then I accept no responsibility for any problems caused.

This bot is mainly used to test new scripts and develop some of my own scripts. I have used it to develop "dANote" with alot of help to actually send notes, which is probably the best script developed on pfbot.



pfbot has been used to develop several scripts and modules for different bots. These scripts and modules have been developed by photofroggy, often with help from other people. Below is a list of the scripts and modules developed on pfbot:


The known/remembered changes gone through by pfbot and scripts developed by pfbot in each stage.

pfbot 10

pfbot 9

pfbot 8

pfbot 7

  • deviantART page - pfbot
  • Trigger - "ø"
  • Running - Futurism 0.3 by electricnet
  • Developements - Ported Tarnote and other scripts to new version of Tarbot. Made the new "Info" module.

pfbot 6

  • deviantART page - pfbot
  • Trigger - "ø"
  • Running - xbot 0.9 by infinity0
  • Developements - Ported terms, applicationlaunch and scanner modules to xbot.

pfbot 5

  • deviantART page - pfbot
  • Trigger - "ø"
  • Running - Tarbot 0.2e alpha by electricnet
  • Developements - Created the scanner module, which scans directories. Also created the module ApplicationLaunch, which can launch applications on your computer and eject the CD Drive. NoodleNOTE 1.2 ported to Tarbot as Tarnote 1.2.

pfbot 4

pfbot 3

pfbot 2

  • Trigger - "@"
  • Running - NoodleBot 2.5 by NoodleMan
  • Developements - Created "CC" command for clubs to store information on bots, turned out to be pointless.

pfbot 1