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Combat what?

You may know me at ManjyomeThunder, the creator of #iRPG. Or maybe not. It's all irrelevant now, considering both that account and that channel are defunct, but that's what I'm well known for. #iRPG was a clone of SlashNET's #IdleRPG game for the deviantART Messaging Network.

Anyway, I'm CombatFrogs now (a reference to a game regarding some rather rambunctious amphibians), and I'm back in #Botdom and as active as ever. Feel free to ask me for help, but chances are, I'm going to ignore you. I hardly support my own projects, never mind other developers'.


How do I code? Where do I code? Well I'm glad you asked! Didn't ask you say? Well, I don't care to be honest.

I primarily use Windows 7 Ultimate on my custom build desktop, but at times in the past I've installed various releases of Ubuntu on it. On my laptop, I primarily use Ubuntu, but Windows 7 Home Premium is also installed.

My language of choice is C#, but in the past, I've been an avid supporter of Ruby, and my first projects were written in PHP. I'm currently using Java, though.

When writing C#, my IDE of choice is Visual Studio 2010 Professional Edition, but I've also used SharpDevelop. For Ruby and PHP, I find SciTE to be a fine editor, although I used to rely upon NetBeans before Ruby support was dropped. And for Java? I find myself using Eclipse for that.

I'm finally going to be studying Computer Science as a college student in the fall. Hopefully I'll pick up some neat stuff to throw into my bots and clients.

dAmn Projects by CombatFrogs