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Programmer; hobbyist. Formerly Kyogo.
Name: Justin Eittreim
Age: 21
Location: Sacramento, California, USA
Language: English, Norwegian

Hi there! My name's Justin, and it would seem that you're inevitably wasting your time reading this. Though, I did go through the measures of making the design somewhat interesting in the event that you actually did read it. Either way, I've been expecting you.


Find me on dAmn in: #Botdom
DeviantART: DivinityArcane
Twitter: DivinityArcane
Email Address (Personal):
Email Address (School):


Just some of the languages I've used. Experience in each language ranges from little to a lot, there's no categorizing, though.

PHP (Been using it for around six years for both web and non-web applications.)
Visual Basic.NET (Can't say I'm too fond of it, and I don't use it anymore.)
JavaScript, CSS, HTML (And other web stuff.)
C# (Been using it for over four years now.)
C++ (DirectX, mainly. Not a lot though.)
Python (Been using it off and on for around six years.)
Perl (Same as Python.)
Java (Generally only use it for class related things.)

Current Projects

dAmnPearl Simple log bot for dAmn, not much else.
Origami Event driven chat bot for dAmn.
Ouroboros C# dAmnServer emulation.
LulzBot Event driven C# dAmn bot.
dAmnCaek Python 3 dAmnServer emulation between myself and OrrinFox