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Name: Derek Hammond
Age: 20
Location: Canada
Language: Python, PHP (very little), C#, Boo

Hi! I'm a wanna-be programmer! I am currently working a Python Bot called Komodo. I have been using bots on dAmn since march 2007, and been using dAmn since sometime in 2006. I have quite a bit of experience with using bots. Since everyone else is doing it, I'm updating this age with useless information no one cares about! I've been learning to program in Python since summer 2009

Projects and Work


Here is my experience/history with using bots on dAmn:

  • Dante - was my very first bot, and continued to be my choice bot for a long time until I started writing Komodo. Hugglebot was a Dante until the end of 2009. Although I have very limited knowledge of PHP I can write and have written modules/scripts for Dante.
  • Futurism - I once used the PHP version of Futurism and didn't get very far with it, so I deleted it. Then I tried the Python version several years later and got it working. I only used it for about a month before I started writing my own Python bot.
  • Terra - Komodo's uncle.
  • Komodo - My brainchild since November 2009. Hugglebot and Komodo-Bot are normally used with Komodo.
  • Gecko

Other bots I have installed but haven't used as much or know too much about:

Usernames I use for testing bots:

  • Hugglebot
  • HuggleButt
  • Komodo-Bot
  • Elements-the-Game


  • Acer Aspire 6920 laptop
    • 2 main hard drives
      • 111 GB C drive
      • 107 GB D drive
    • 3GB memory
    • 1.83 Ghz Intel Centrino dual-core processor
    • 15.6" wide screen
    • Windows Vista
  • HP desktop computer (not currently with me, so I dont know model number/name)
    • One main hard drive and one boot drive:
      • approx 180 GB C drive
      • not-very-much-GB D boot drive
    • 1GB memory
    •  ?? Ghz single-core processor
    • 17" regular screen monitor
    • Windows XP Home


Blazer aka Derek aka blazer-flamewing is not responsible to the damage of physical, mental or intellectual property, including bot not limited to: WTF-ery, complete or partial retardation, insanity, running away screaming, face-planting, severe head trauma caused by constant face-palms, damaged keyboards caused by raeg and/or slamming head on the keyboard, etc. Use at your own risk.

Blazer is not an official part of deviantART or its services, including dAmn.

~ :3