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Java God
Name: Karson Kimbrel
Age: 19
Location: Tavares, Florida, USA
Language: Java, C, C++

I am a Java programmer. I joined dA back in 2010; I've been using dAmn ever since I knew about it from Green-Day-Hige in May 2011. I immediately started work on Indigo 3 days before my graduation from Tavares High School.

Projects and Work

  • Indigo - My extremely modular, multi-platform Java bot for dAmn.
  • Cria - My multi-platform dAmn chat client.


My experience with developing for dAmn: Indigo
Usernames I use for my bots:


Karson Kimbrel aka BaronOBeanDip is not responsible to the damage of physical, mental or intellectual property, including bot not limited to: WTF-ery, complete or partial retardation, insanity, running away screaming, face-planting, severe head trauma caused by constant face-palms, damaged keyboards caused by rage and/or slamming head on the keyboard, etc. Use at your own risk.

BaronOBeanDip is not an official part of deviantART or its services, including dAmn.