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Trivia is a game in a chat room where people answer questions which the bot asks. Whoever gives the right answer first, usually gets a point. The questions and answers are usually written by the bot owner himself. In most cases there are also support for hints and commands for top XX users.


This is the bots which trivia is available in.


#Trivia is the main room for playing trivia. This also is the best organized, with moderators and high scores. The triviabot in #Trivia is Thumbbot, Thumbbot also runs the trivia questions.

  • Example format of a question:
 [#89568] 97% of ---------- say they would not borrow a toothbrush if they forgot to pack their own.
 [Category: Useless Trivia | Hits: 2 | Misses: 1]
 You have 45 seconds to answer.

How to set up trivia on your bot

  • NoodleBot 3.0:
    1. Go to the extentions folder
    2. Go into extentions
    3. Copy Trivia.ext into the install folder
    4. Run install.php
    5. Add questions either by command or go to config/trivia.ini