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Triggers (also known as trigger characters or just triggerchars) are the character(s) that are typed in front of a command, to make sure the command is directed to a certain bot. That way, we can avoid massive bot clutter. Example:

<person> !command
<bot1> *reacts*
<person> %command
<bot2> *reacts*

This page includes a list of bots and their triggers. You may use the same trigger as someone else on this list if you wish — just know that if you use the bot in the same chat it may be a pain for both of you.

  •  ! is widely used as the 'default' trigger, so it is suggested you not use that for your bot, as many others will be using it.
  • When you type ASCII codes, you should use &amp; instead of & so as to prevent them turning into stuff.

The triggers are sorted after their place in the official ASCII table. So WHEN YOU ADD a new trigger, look at that page before, and then put it in the right place on the list, please. Also, please make sure that the bot names are sorted alphabetically. Thank you.

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3+ chars