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Developer(s): Czar-of-Randomness
Programming language: C++
Development state: Pre-Alpha
Source model: Open source
Last stable release: None
Last preview release: 0.0 (Nov 21, 2006)

Discontinued Project
This project has been discontinued. This project has no available downloads

Tinkerbox is a bot made in C++ by Czar-of-Randomness. It currently is in alpha development stage. It is not public at the moment.


  • Better integration into Windows than any PHP bot
  • Faster Ping
  • Is made with C++ (although you should know that)
  • Although it may not have plugins and you have to compile it each time, you can have a customized bot that can do almost anything you set your mind to have it do
  • If the program runs correctly, it is guaranteed* not to crash and have to be restarted because of bad coding.

*Not 100%, but it should run unless the computer or user intervenes.



November 11, 2006

Has been thought up! Some coding has also been done.

November 13, 2006

Bot planned to use edited version of DAmnDOTnet to connect to dAmn. Will not have the ability to use the internet, such as for searching Google but will still be able to run.

November 21, 2006

Currently not much farther than it has been in the last week, so expect some delays. I don't have any help, so I gotta do this mostly by myself. It'll be a while for the connectable version to be released.



Yep, v 0.0. Pre-alpha stage, and commands thought and tested to be sure they work. Has not been released to anyone yet.


  • Echo - Repeats what the user puts in
  • Error - Makes the bot say "Error: (what user puts in)" and logs error in log
  • Exit - Turns the bot off
  • About - Tells about the bot
  • Help - Gives help on specific topics, commands, or whatever else there is help on
  • Anime - Tells about various anime, what is anime, and will be mad if you say it sucks
  • Define - Tells definitions of words defined. Not "dictionary"

There will be more commands, such as "google" and "open"


Currently does not have any downloads, but will soon be available. Will be password protected and will not have link here. You will have to email or note Czar-of-Randomness for both the password and link to page.


Do you have some ideas? Put them below. I'll see what I can do about getting them into the bot. Remember that this is only an ideas list, and not a list of things that will be added into the bot. I am not sure if it will be, since I don't know too much C++ at the moment, so don't expect that an idea here will be put into the bot.

  1. Ping - How long it takes for the bot to respond.
  2. Ignore - Ignore person or group of people in a room.
  3. Privclasses - EXTREMELY useful.
  4. Email - Rather "note". Allows the person to note someone from the chat room.
  5. Timeout check - Checks to see if the bot has been disconnected from the internet and attempts to reconnect.
  6. Translate - Translate from English to other languages in it's dictionary and back, without the need of Google.
  7. Autojoin - Another very useful item to have on the bot.
  8. AI - Not very practical, but can be fun if you have no one else to talk to. ;D
  9. Calculator - Calculates math!!!

More ideas to come. Please add ideas if they are not on the list.


How it will connect

It will either connect using something I made myself, or I will have to resort to converting and using dAmnDOTnet which is made in vb.NET. I think the former will be much easier, since it's rather difficult to convert code, especially when you don't know it.

Help with coding in C++

If you do not know how to code basic C/C++, please go to CProgramming.com. For those who do not know C++ and know the basics of C/C++, here is a very good guide to C++:

Uncategorized stuff

There will also be the command prompt program that does not connect, which will give you an oversight of how the bot will work on dAmn.