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Developer(s): NuckChorris0
Programming language: Ruby
Minimum requirements: Ruby 1.9.x
Development state: Unfinished
Source model: Open source
Last preview release: 0.1.0 (TBA)
License type: Free software (MIT)
Influenced by: Contra, Jitters

Inactive Project
This project appears to be discontinued and is not recommended for use.

Sold is an open-source, object-oriented, future-facing Ruby bot. It was designed around a rather unique model of commands, in that most commands are able to be "chained"

Planned Features

  • An elegant DSL for writing plugins.
  • A unique and powerful system for running commands — think bash.
    • Chainable commands. And piping output into another channel.
    • Also, the arguments parser? It is based on what shells use. Go figure.
  • Built-in support for Bot Data Share protocols on dAmn.
  • Versatile YML-based configuration management system.
  • Everything is modules. See that console output? It's a module. Mod it, fork it, break it.
  • Because it's in Ruby, you can use the powerful overloading features to modify core protocol parsing from a module. Yeah, seriously. Want to add an extra subpacket to something and cause [bad data] errors? Go ahead. You'll probably break something, but that's up to you. I give you a hammer: try not to hit your thumb.

Completed features

Basically nothing. Works, but doesn't do much yet. The YAML configs are done, and it connects to dAmn, and the Sold::Module DSL is started.

See README on GitHub for more info.