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Discontinued Project
This project has been discontinued. This project has no available downloads

Developer(s): Solitude12, ManjyomeThunder
Programming language: PHP
Minimum requirements: PHP 5
Development state: Discontinued
Source model: Open source
Last stable release: 0.7 (June 2st, 2007)
License type: Free software (GPL)

Paradiso was a modification of Charon developed by ManjyomeThunder and Solitude12. It was developed for the purpose of experimenting with how object-oriented designs could contribute to the usability and extensibility of bot projects.

The bot is now defunct, as the final builds are no longer compatible with the current version of the messaging network protocol, and also contained a number of unfixed bugs. It is recommended that end users do not search for or use modified builds of Paradiso, and instead use a more recently developed bot.

Both developers began work on forked builds of the project individually, known as Nessus and Mocha, but neither are available for download.

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This work is released under the GNU General Public License, which allows you to freely use, modify, or distribute it, as long as you give these rights to subsequent users of (this work or your derivative of it) too.