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Another project by photofroggy, Codename Maltrivia is my attempt at making trivia for Futurism. So far, I've failed about three times, but it's going much smoother now. Due to the break through with the timer, developing the trivia module has been much easier, so things have been developed very quickly!

Basic information

Read documentation on Maltriv on Botdom Documentation.

There was lack of a stable trivia module for quite a while, and I have been attempting to create a proper Trivia module for the new bots for quite a while, but thus far, I have been unsuccessful, until recently. The reason I started making the new trivia is because I needed it for #dAGamersTrivia, which was shut down previously, but with the development of this module, things might get going again!


These are the downloads for the different versions of Maltiv.



What would you like to see implemented into this module? Put your ideas here and your username. Also make sure you use a bullet point as used in the To Do list. Comments on the module can also be put on the discussion page for this article.

  • Make a command where you can delete a single question. - Dabingo

To Do

  • Keep porting newer versions. (I might just port the final version, which will likely be 2.0)
  • Enable question tags. - Idea from #Trivia.
  • Multiple active categories.
  • Ignored categories.
  • Make everything more customizable.
  • Credits.

Known Bugs

  • Only displays one question... Fixed!
  • Questions can't be added properly first time, without having a fatal error. Fixed!
  • Scalar issues.


I have come to the decision that having the brief list of commands that was here wasn't good enough, so instead, please go to this page for a full list commands with detailed explanations.


I would like to thank the following people, who have helped in some way:

  • NoodleMan - For creating the original php trivia scripts.
  • Members of #Botdom - For putting up with me testing the trivia module, and actually using it.
  • Creators of the #Trivia extension - For ideas on how to present stuff, and what to do.
  • cthom06 - For providing a fix that gets rid of the abbr tags for colors in shadow dAx.
  • Solitude12 - For providing a more efficient way of avoiding question repeats.

Change log


(6th August 2007)

  • Fixed one or two bugs.
  • Released in time for dA's birthday =p


(8th July 2007)

  • Added question search command.
  • Fixed bugs a few bugs.
  • Question control fully supported.
  • Question tagging fully supported.
  • Added !trivia channels/chats command.
  • Updated the "commands" command.
  • Added a credits command.


(3rd July 2007)

  • Fixed important bugs for deleting score data!
  • Improved one or two things... play around to find out...


(1st July 2007)
Ok, this is a big release guys! A lot has changed.

  • It is now possible to have trivia running in different chatrooms at the same time!
    • Configuration files and commands are available for each chatroom being used.
  • More bugs have been fixed.
  • The scores array has been completely restructured! Previously created files will not work with this version of the module!
  • Top scores command fully supports the multi-chat feature.
  • Using chat room names and ID's are not required when you are in a trivia room.
  • Commands have become quite complicated, but this is required! You must read the readme file included with the module.
  • Now there's even a while() loop in there among all the foreach() loops.....


(2nd June 2007)

  • Added and fully fixed up categories!
  • Made it possible to customize the question message!
  • Added hits and misses statistics to questions and the default question message.
  • Changed the question list to split the message on strlen($list) > 7950 ;).


(8th May 2007)

  • Fixed even more stuff for the top scores commands. Should work perfectly now.
  • Added players command. Can view and delete players.
  • Just generally debugged stuff so that it works better.


(6th May 2007)

  • Fixed a MASSIVE bug that originates in the module config! Make sure you get this version!
  • Fixed up one or two things in the top scores command.


(2nd May 2007)

  • Fixed up the top scores so it works without errors! :D
  • Should now work with the latest version of php :)
  • Read me now available in the Futurism version.


(22nd April 2007)

  • Fixed a big bug in q.php! Thanks to Catboyry for finding it :)
  • Also fixed it so you can clear questions without bugs :)
  • Fixed a foreach error.


(22nd April 2007)

  • Fixed a few things in q.php.
  • Fixed a few things on the top scores command
  • Added stuff to q.php which allows you to delete answers and hints.
  • Made edits which allows users to use !questions as well as !q, giving the same commands etc.
  • Edited the questions list command.
    • Now splits the message for each 20 questions listed.
  • Changed the output, things look a lot better now, after discussions with people in #Botdom.


(15th April 2007)

  • People with colors on can now answer questions, thanks to a fix by cthom06.
  • Done the top scores command!
  • Put a limit on how many questions you need to start a game of trivia.
  • Trivia is pretty much finished now! Final release I think.


(14th April 2007)

  • Added repeat question command.
  • Moved things around so that questions are now saved in the savedata folder.
  • Made all of the settings remote! Defaults are as below:
    • tchan: Botdom
    • timeout: 45 seconds
    • question interval: 10 seconds
  • NOTE: You should change the settings as soon as you install the module, by using the appropriate commands.

0.8 beta

(14th April 2007)

  • Added hint command.
  • Added automatic hint, displayed when there is ten seconds left.
  • restructured the arrays.
  • Now possible to have more than one answer per question.

0.7 beta

(13th April 2007)

  • Added more player stats.
  • Score command made!
  • Command to show config made.
  • Edited config again.

0.6 alpha

(13th April 2007)

  • Scores are now generated properly.
  • A whole load of edits to the config were made.
  • Made tchan command.
  • Got new vars!

0.5a alpha

(12th April 2007)

  • Moved stuff so it uses the loop event on Futurism

0.5 alpha

(12th April 2007)

  • Displays and stores questions properly!
  • Now has a proper timer.
  • Now actually allows you to answer questions!

No previous releases

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