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Komodo is easily extensible and you can easily build your own custom extensions. This section includes a list of all extensions that come with Komodo, as well as custom extensions that other users have made for Komodo. You can also find a tutorial on how to write Komodo extensions yourself as well.

Default Extensions

These extensions with the Komodo download.

  • Logging - Logs chatroom messages and stuff
  • System - Important system related commands and functions.
  • dAmn - basic commands normal people can use in dAmn.
  • Tools - Some random scripts thrown together.
  • Welcomes - Create your own welcome messages for your chatroom.
  • Goodbyes - Essentially the opposite of Welcomes.
  • Notes - Send and read notes within the chatroom.
  • Aways - Set an away message so people know you are not at the keyboard.
  • Responses - Make the bot automatically respond with something witty when someone says a certain word or phrase.
  • Spamfilter - Kick/silence/ban people who are spamming automatically
  • AI - Talk to Kato the chatbot.
  • Translator - translates to and from many different languages.

In the works:

  • Fun - Games n stuff
  • CurseFilter - used to be in Komodo 2.04 and below, but has broken and needs reworking anyways
  • Terms - Create your own list of terms to refer to.
  • Statistics - Record activity statistics in a chat, such as message and kick counting and avg length of messages. Even includes an idle timer.

I do not intend on adding the following to the bot as I don't really like them all that much. Feel free to write one if you wish when Komodo is released:

  • Last.FM

Custom Extensions

Here is a list of Extensions that other users have made for Komodo. If you make your own extension, please put it here, or note Blazer on dA about it!

in case this wasn't mentioned, you have to reload the extensions or restart the bot to activate them, otherwise you wont see the extensions on the bot!

  • Derpler 0.3 by blazer-flamewing. This is a hilarious module that murders language. be sure to read the README on how to install and use.
  • Binary by Fox. This is an extension that allows you to change text into binary code and vice versa. Simple to use, just follow the README provided in the zip.
  • Calendar2.0 by Fox. one of my first; the purpose of this extension is to give you the date and time based off of youre computer location. not much but feel free to modify it or anything. good extension to learn off of.
  • Everyone v1.1 By Fox Tab everyone in the room from the bot with this extension. please do not use to spam.
  • Antiidle 0.6 By Blazer. Use this to kick idlers in your chat. (you know those people that join and just lurk). Make sure to read the README file included before use!
  • Kick roulette 1.1 by Fox Use this to kick a random person in the chatroom, mainly for the lols. remember to read the README included!
  • love calculator by Fox Just a fun little extension to calculate your chances of "making it with someone in the future" Note of course it really doesn't mean you will. But its fun to play with in the meanwhile.
  • stopwatch v 1.2 by Fox This is a simple stopwatch for komodo! read the README file included!
  • zapper v 1.6 by Fox This is a zapper, like on another bot model, you use it to "zap" someone, don't forget to read the README included!
  • Global Ban by Fox This is an extension to ban users from your own list of chats. Dont forget to read the README included!
  • Fun by Fox This is a small extension that adds some random fun commands to the bot, like "rr", "8ball", and "fnord" Make sure to read the README file included.
  • randomdA2.0 by Fox This is an extension to grab a random Group, User, Or piece of Art from deviantart. Simple to use. May have some issues with titles on the 'rdeviation' command, but it still works well. UPDATE: Now added !randomthumb command. check it out! ensure to read the README before installing!
  • Dictionary2.0 by Fox Use this to make up your own personal dictionary to refer to! ensure to read the README before use.
  • rlist by Fox Use this to make a modifiable list of objects that you can choose at random from! Ensure to read the README before use!
  • Pymath by Fox Use this for various math functions, including length conversions, pythagorean theorem solver, triangle area solver, area solver, and degrees-radians converter. Make sure to read the README before using as some commands on this can get complex!
  • Vendor 1.3 by Fox Use this extension to have a 'vendor' to give various items, similar to Dantes' extension. but more complex. Remember to read the README before using.
  • Autokicker 2.0 by Fox Use this Extension to kick users when they say certain phrases or words, can be used as a "Curse Filter". Make sure to read the README I included.
  • PromoteMe 1.0 by deviant-garde This extension makes it so your bot can promote people to a certain privclass automatically when they say something.
  • Insults 0.1 by blazer Insults people. Use !insults add Your Message Here to add insults


Extensions are easy to install, activate and deactivate on Komodo.

  • To list the extensions, type !ext
    • If you don't have the extension you want, download the extension if it's available. Move the .py file into the Extensions Folder. (Some extensions may have special instructions to install, eg a folder of several files. Follow whatever they provide instead)
    • Restart the bot, and it will be loaded, but not activated.
  • To activate an extension, type !ext ExtensionName on
  • The commands and events that extension provides will now trigger.
  • To deactivate an extension, type !ext ExtensionName off

Note: Be sure to replace the ! with your own trigger you set at startup


Now complete! Learn how to write your own extensions for Komodo using this tutorial written by myself. It includes a small introduction to Python, and can be a good place to start learning how to program. If you can't find the right extensions for your bot, write your own! You could make the bot do nearly anything you want it to.