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Discontinued Project
This project has been discontinued. This project has no available downloads

Kitsune is an advanced bot for the experience programmer. It will include a different command syntax inspired by use linux terminal commands. Addition features include the ability to use Dante modules with at least limited functionality, flood protection, an advanced users and groups system, and compiled modules. Compiled modules have increase the speed of the bot by compiling module files into lambda-style functions the bot calls when commands or triggers are called.

The design paradigm of Kitsune is object oriented. The whole design is to separate the modules from having to modify the actual data structures by using the methods of the associated object instead. Example, unlike noodlebot where you need to know how the properties array is structured to get information, with Kitsune you can just call a method from a class to get the data.


Version 0.0

Build 0: Pulled dAmn:process() out of Dante 0.9, flood class, parser class, room class, timer class, and the fnorfer class.

dAmn Projects by SubjectX52873M

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