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#KickWars is a chatroom game written originally by photofroggy and developed by infinity0. The objective of the game is to kick opponent by giving various commands to the KickWars bot.

It started off as an extension to NoodleBot and is currently a module for xbot. The game is currently in its second age of code.


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When was the chatroom #KickWars first created? It is not actually known, as photofroggy has since forgotten the time of creation. But without dates, we can still describe the history of the chatroom, its bot, and the development of the game.

After discovering dAmn on deviantART, photofroggy was soon encouraged to make his first chatroom, #gamesgamesgames, now known as #dAGamerz due to the ridiculous length of the name. Things were experimented with, so he got an idea of how things worked and how to manage a chatroom. Soon enough, photofroggy discovered the wonder of chatroom bots, but was a n00b in these early stages so was unable to set up a bot, and was refused help due to lack of actually needing a bot for anything at the time.

Later on, inspiration was found for a new chatroom, after surveying the behaviour of Admins in other chatrooms around dAmn. People kicked each other for a laugh, and didn’t mind being kicked in these cases, so photofroggy decided to make a game of it.

Photofroggy went away and created the chatroom #KickWars and a few privclasses, but only ones needed for a very basic chatroom game, the very first age of KickWars, Age Zero.

The original game was very basic, incredibly basic infact. “Players” would enter the room, after photofroggy had done some sneaky advertising in other chatrooms, to take part. In Age Zero, people were actually able to use the “/kick” command to get rid of their enemies, infact, that was the idea of it. Despite the aim, players were not always able to kick each other, as that would be quite pointless. In the beginning, photofroggy counted down from a certain number, and then allowed people to kick each other by giving them the privilege.

People then started kicking each other, and when people got kicked, they were demoted to the privclass titled “Dead”, and could not kick anyone. The remaining unkicked player was seen as the winner. This went on for a while, but soon enough died down and was forgotten about, almost completely.

Meanwhile, #gamesgamesgames had developed into #dAGamerz and an actual club called dAGamers. A while after the ‘death’ of #KickWars, photofroggy discovered how to set up a bot properly, while NoodleBot was still in version 1.5 and had not been worked on in quite a while. Time was spent messing around with scripts in #Botdom, and shortly after #dAGamersTrivia was made, and hosted by dAGamers’ bot. Features that weren’t readily available in the current trivia provided with NoodleBot were created by Tharglet for the trivia game, and the looks were brushed up by photofroggy.

Things were going well, and photofroggy was able to mess around with scripts using his personal bot, pfbot. Soon photofroggy thought that it would be possible to make #KickWars be a proper chatroom game hosted by a bot, using proper commands and players could gain and lose points. Still not being the best scripter in dAmnLand, photofroggy asked stfc for help, but was told to come up with a proper system before asking again.

After a while, photofroggy decided not to be lazy and actually attempt making the script himself. He went and created the chatrooms #TeamA and #TeamB, and created the team privclasses in #KickWars. Eventually, after a lot of failed attempts and questions fired in NoodleMan’s direction, a basic, working script was made that ran off pfbot.

Despite actually being usable, the game still didn’t contain a points system, so photofroggy went to #Botdom, and asked infinity0 for help. Then three days of scripting went by, in which the points system was made. The original script was also quite long, so infinity0 created a code block which contained the code that actually kicked people, making it easier to add commands to the game. KickWars was released on the 18th of October 2005.



Someone asked me to release it, so here it is: