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Not to be confused with Java, which is an unrelated programming language.

Paradigm Multiple
Appeared in 1995
Designed by Brendan Eich
Developer Netscape Communications Corporation, Mozilla Foundation
Latest release 1.8
Influenced by Self, C, Scheme, Perl, Python, Java

JavaScript is derived from ECMAScript. The language is a small, lightweight, object-oriented and cross-platform. Although it is commonly associated with client-side uses in web development, it can be used in a mixture of environments, such as:

  • Mozilla Platform.
  • Adobe Integrated Runtime.
  • Rhino, a command line interpreter by mozilla.

Versions<ref name="wiki">Wikipedia On JavaScript</ref>

Version Release date Equivalent to
1.0 March 1996
1.1 August 1996
1.2 June 1997
1.3 October 1998 ECMA-262 1st edition
ECMA-262 2nd edition
1.5 November 2000 ECMA-262 3rd edition
1.6 November 2005 1.5 + Array extras + Array and String generics + E4X
1.7 October 2006 1.6 + Pythonic generators + Iterators + let
1.8 June 2008 1.7 + Generator expressions + Expression closures
1.9 1.8 + New Features
2.0 ECMA-262 4th edition <ref>Versions of JavaScript</ref>

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