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Contra On Ipod by setkeh.png
Developer(s): photofroggy - setkeh
Programming language: PHP
Minimum requirements: PHP 5.2.6
Development state: RC
Source model: Open source
Last stable release: Beta (Unrelesed) (Unrelesed)
License type: Free software (CC)

Inactive Project
This project appears to be discontinued.


Ibot is essentially Contra Public Fix 2 ported to the iPhone by setkeh with very minor changes to the scripts created by photofroggy

Development Issues

Due to some development issues with php and openssl for the iphone i will be putting the development of iBot on hold untill i can get a hold of Jay Freeman (Saurik) to resolve these issues so please bear with me im working as fast as i can to sort this out.

iPhone Requirements

Before you install IBot, check you have the following items:

1. Jailbroken iphone/ipod touch
2. OpenSSH installed
3. An sFTP client such as WinSCP
4. SSH client (e.g. PuTTY)
5. PHP (installed via Cydia)
6. Ibot


  1. Extract the provided ZIP file for ibot
  2. sftp into your iPhone (using WinSCP) and and navigate your way to the "/" directory
  3. Create a directory for the bot. To do this with WinSCP, right-click and make a new directory called ibot
  4. Copy all the files from the extracted .zip file into your new directory
  5. Find the file called "RUN-Contra.command", right-click on it and go to properties
  6. Set the permissions for the file to 0777 (n.b. 0775 will NOT work).
  7. Copy the file "ibotrun" to /usr/bin/
  8. Exit your sFTP client (e.g. WinSCP)
  9. Launch PuTTY and login to you iPhone
  10. Type in "ibotrun", then press enter
  11. Follow the instructions given onscreen

To Do's

Fix PHP and OpenSSL for iPhone
Bundle iBot and host it on a Repository
Add icon to springboard
Add a GUI interface
Make ports of other open source bots to satisfy personal preference :P


photofroggy - For Developing Contra
plaguethenet - For Helping With the bin file to run from anywhere in the terminal
tharglet - For keeping my horrible spelling under control here on the wiki
The port is the work of setkeh with the help of the above people
This bot is Contra with a few modifications to make it compatible with the iPhone.

Think You Can Help

I am currently looking for beta testers to help me find (runtime) bugs If you wish to assist with the testing process, please note setkeh on deviantART


  • Contra/ibot is not an official service of deviantART.com and is not affiliated in any way with deviantART.com.
  • Contra/ibot is provided "as-is" with no guarantee.
  • I, photofroggy and setkeh, take no responsibility for any damages to your computer caused by Contra or any extensions of Contra.
    • I am not responsible for how this bot is used on any chat network that it may be used on, including, but not limited to, dAmn.
  • If you have difficulty setting up the bot then I am under no obligation to help you get it running. (That doesn't mean don't ask!)

This work is released under the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommerical ShareAlike 3.0 License, which allows you to freely use, modify or distribute it, however you are not allowed to make commercial use of this work, you need to credit the original creator of the work, and all deratives you make of this work have to be released under a license identical to this one.
Photofroggy helps with