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Developer(s): Axo-Tak
Programming language: Erlang/OTP
Development state: Pre-alpha
Source model: Open source
Last preview release: 0.1 (In Progress) (July 23, 2017)
License type: Free software (GPLv3)


Note: "OTP" is "Open Telecom Platform", a standard and set of templates for developing Erlang applications.


rebar3 (OPTIONAL, however it is very convenient to build using rebar)

Erlang/OTP R20 or up (Running on lower versions than tested is not advised.)

Installation Procedure

Note: I will make installation of this bot easier using batch files (Windows) and shell scripts (OS X/Linux).


Installation of this bot is very advanced on Windows. I don't have a computer with Windows to test this on, but Erlang and rebar will run under Windows. However, some functionality might not work.

Your mileage may vary.

OS X / Linux

OS X Pre-installation

Install Erlang and rebar by source code, MacPorts, or Homebrew.

Linux Pre-installation

Install Erlang and rebar by source code or using your package manager.


( will work on this later )

Upgrade Procedure

Scripts are supplied in the EarlGrey package for assistance with soft and hard upgrades.

Soft Upgrades

Soft upgrades require no restarting.

Hard Upgrades

Hard upgrades require a manual redownload and restart of the bot.