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  • Latest stable release: 2.5

Dios is a module coded by Magaman containing scripts he either coded or ported from NoodleBot. Most of these scripts are only compatible with Dante 0.9a and he only scripts for that specific bot. Other programmers port them to other bots if needed.

Command List

  • botpad - Create, delete, and read files using this handy script. Your trusted Notepad on your bot!.
  • devinfo - View information on a deviant.
  • feature - Feature deviations in your chatroom using this script.
  • gallery - Browse and search a deviant's gallery, prints, favorites.
  • last.fm - View yours and other deviant's last.fm recently played tracks.
  • recent - View a deviant's recent deviations.
  • rdeviant - View a random deviant.
  • rdev - View a random deviation.
  • spamfilter - Protect your chat from spammers using this script. It filters all types and forms of spam and is highly configurable. !spamfilter Command Guide
  • spell - Spell a word. Handy if you don't know if the word you're spelling is correct or not.
  • sys - Open files and scan directories on your computer using this script.
  • thumb - View information on a deviation using the thumb number.
  • urbandict - Search for definitions of terms, words and many more from the Urbandictonary.com.



  • SpamFilter 1.1 Update (ZIP) - Replace all the files in the spamfilter folder in your dios module with the contents of this folder. Restart bot and enjoy <3
  • Gallery and Recent FIX (ZIP) - You need to update your !gallery and !recent commands in Dios because deviantART have changed the way art is stored on their servers. Read the readme file inside the folder to know what to do =)

Latest Release

Older Versions


Unzip the dios.zip into the "modules" or "module" folder of any of the bot that it supports. Restart the bot or reload the modules. The Dios module is on by default.


Delete the dios folder in the "modules" or "module" folder. Then replace it with the latest download version. Restart the bot or reload the modules.

To Do

  • Add !gallery [username] favorites
  • Add !botpad edit
  • Recode !gallery because I finally learned regex >.>
  • View other stuff on your last.fm profile.

Known Bugs

  • !gallery displays a wrong number for the amount of deviations shown at times.

Change Log


  1. fixed !spamfilter bug
  2. fixed !gallery, !recent, !thumb bugs


  1. added !botpad
  2. added !spamfilter
  3. added !last.fm
  4. added !sys
  5. added !spell
  6. added !urbandict
  7. renamed !devinfo to !thumb
  8. added !devinfo
  9. updated !urbandict, !gallery and !recent


  1. Initial release

Supported bots