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This page is a listing of available addons for the Dante bot. Plugins should be compatible with v0.9a and v0.10 of Dante, unless otherwise stated.


badwords by tharglet
Module version no.: 1.5
Description: Kicks (and optionally bans) users for using words set by the bot owner/operators


Calc by doofsmack
Description: Calc module ported from Futurism


Define fix by tharglet
Module version no.: 1.0
Description: Fixes the define module and also adds in a feature to choose which result to return, or if you wish to display all results

Dice by tharglet
Module version no.: 1.1
Description: Allows rolling of multiple dice, showing the result of each dice, and applying of a -/+ modifier

Dios by Magaman
Description: Has many functions, including a spamfilter


Echochan by tharglet
Module version no.: 1.0
Description: A much less bugged version of the echo command


FC by Milotic1406
Description: Saves a user's Nintendo Friend Code on the bot for you. :)

firewall by furrylover105
Description: Uses both flamethrower icons to make a firewall with the option of something in the middle

FriendJoined by Milotic1406
Description: Watches for a certain user whom you designate to join a room that the bot is in and then alerts you when that person joins a room.


Gold by goldenskl
Description: A selection of various commands by goldenskl (with the updated dAmnit command by Chaos21), including Spin The Bottle


howlong by tharglet
Description: Displays how long users have been in the channel


Kickcounter by tharglet
Module version no.: 1.0
Description: Counts the number of times people are kicked

Kicktrivia by tharglet
Module version no.: 1.1
Description: A mod on solitude12's trivia module that kicks people for incorrect responses


last.fm by Frozen-Jakalope
Description: Gets data from last.fm. Note: Will not work with the Dios module installed


Maltriv by photofroggy
Description: Trivia


news by tharglet
Description: Adds a simple news module to add, delete and view news itemshttp://download.botdom.com/eq4ow/news_for_dante.zip

notes fix by SubjectX52873M
Description: A fix for SubjectX52873M's notes module to use the :note: emote. Fix provided by tharglet


Platinum by Milotic1406
Module version no.: 1.0
Description: A variety pack of commands created by Milotic1406.

Pokédex by Milotic1406
Module version no.: 0.1
Description: The first Pokédex module available for Dante. It contains all Pokémon and their information. (Revision)

Pokezap by tharglet
Module version no.: 1.0
Description: Allows users to "zap" each other into pokemon. Comes with a loadable list of the 493 pokemon (which are compatible with the Bulbapedia linking feature), but the list is fully customisable

promoteme by tharglet
Module version no.: 1.0
Description: Allows users to promote (only) themselves between privclasses that the bot owner sets up


rsay by tharglet
Description: Allows Dante to do repeated announcements, with a set time interval

rword by Wyvern709
Description: Gives a random user in the chat a random word. Based on the Zapper module.


seen by tharglet
Description: Shows when the bot last saw a user in the channel(s) it is in

staffinfo by Wyvern709
Module version no.: 1.0
Description: Use it to write bios for your chat/group staffmembers that can be viewed in chat


timelog by tharglet
Description: Accumulates the amount of time users are in a channel

Translate by Frozen-Jakalope
Description: Uses Google Translate to translate phrases

Trivia by Solitude12
Description: Trivia module ported from Paradiso

TimeBans by Coasterfreak3000
Description: A module that allows you to ban people for a specified time amount. Notes in help command


Urban Dictionary script by Frozen-Jakalope
Description: Replaces the Dios ud command that doesn't work anymore. NOTE: This is a script, not a module, and so goes in dante/scripts/


Vend del fix by tharglet
Description: Fixes the "vend del" command


YouTube by Kakashi-Sasuke
Description: Adds youtube-related features


Zapper by tharglet
Module version no.: 1.0
Description: Allows users to "zap" each other or themselves into a customisable list of things