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Change Log

Version 0.10

  • Flood Protection
  • Linux Support (SIGTERM detection and pid file)
  • New Modules
    • Dios 2.5 Module included with some repairs by Nol888
  • Bug Fixes

Version 0.9b Updated

New Things Now the bots Config is run off Cmd promt and you can edit the information. Downloads There is no download yet as Adding New updates

Version 0.9a Patched

  • Patched /system/classes/damn.php for new dAmn login model.

Version 0.9a

  • Added addition event data variables for some events
  • Improved the Module How To a bit.
  • Fixed PHPDoc comments in several files.
  • Broken commands in the searches module where removed.
  • Added a info subcommand to !user, not all that useful really but I like it.

Bug Fixes

  • Vend command in Games module fixed
  • Bot was sending the wrong agent in the dAmnclient packet
  • BotID was null


  • Idler command was not fixed.
    • A fix has been released just for that. You can find it in three other places on this page.

Version 0.9

  • Added event defaults to $access['privs']
  • USer class has been completely rewritten
  • dAmn::say() prints arrays now.
  • Added Debug Levels in place of debug mode.
    • Added debug command to dev_tools module
  • Added enhanced logs as an advanced option
    • Records title/topic changes with the text of the change
    • Records members list
    • Records a connection count when a user joins.
  • Moved form $rooms global to $dAmn->room["#room"]->function()
  • Each bot has a session ID that changes each time the bot is run.
  • Core has been recoded with a new packet parser.

Bug fixes

  • Kick works now.
  • Welcome module fixed
  • disconnection handling fixed
  • Title/topic command fixed.


  • args() function was removed...
    • It really should have been removed earlier but I had forgotten about it.

Version 0.8

  • Removed reload command.
  • Fixed up minor issues.
  • Admin events now have subtypes.
  • Timer nows allows events to be canceled.
  • Added two new functions: load_bsv and save_bsv
    • Allows data to be saved and loaded with less code
  • Room data is now destroyed when the bot leaves.
  • User data is now destroyed when the user leaves the room.
  • There is now a counter on the number of connections a user has.
  • Removed most of the debug code from the startup.
    • Loaded Modules and Scripts are now displayed in a list instead of a huge block of text.
    • Configuration is now displayed nicely with a simple two character code for specific errors.
      • ok = loaded database successfully.
      • x = Primary and secondary do not match.
      • !1 = error on primary database file
      • !2 = error on secondary database
      • !1&2 = Both have errors
  • idler command from Futurism ported to the Games module.
  • Major update of the PHP Doc comments

Version 0.7a

  • Removed Gmail support from release versions because of many issues and bugs
  • Removed the unicode character filter (‮ or 202E)
  • Added !td, !lock and !term to scripts

Bug Fixes

  • Homeroom was not working right.

Version 0.7

  • Add REGEX commands names for modules.
  • configuration backup
    • Bot stores two copies of it's configuration.
    • If the primary or secondary is corrupt it restores from the good copy.
  • Renamed the "ini" files in config to "vudf"
  • Disabled the loop event, just not needed
  • Added Gmail Support
    • Still very alpha
    • Sending email use a gmail account
    • Uses the Swift Mailer 2.1.17 email library (http*//swiftmailer.org)

Bug Fixes

  • The symbol for beta testers wasn't being handled correctly.
  • All module commands with 0 as the priv level where being set as default.

General Changes

  • Added Searches module from Futurism.
  • Minor changes to <php-inline>dAmn::checkINI</php-inline>
  • !commands now doesn't show modules that don't have commands
  • Bot now parses out an annoying unicode override character. (&#8238; or 202E)
  • Fixed some spelling errors

Version 0.6

  • The members section of <php-inline>$rooms</php-inline> has changed due to new coding for the members packet.
  • Access levels can now be set on the bot.
  • Added a whole new type of module events, the hook.
    • Ignored users and the bot are not parsed out if you use <php-inline>addHook()</php-inline> instead of <php-inline>addEvt()</php-inline>
    • Used in the echo command.
  • New function, <php-inline>is_pchat()</php-inline>
  • New function, <php-inline>formatTime()</php-inline>
  • Fully functional restart command.
    • Requires use of the batch file
  • <php-inline>$botinfo</php-inline> array removed in favor of numerous constants.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the split packet bug :D
  • Minor fixes
  • <php-inline>dAmn::CheckINI()</php-inline> updated

General Changes

  • <php-inline>$botinfo</php-inline> has been replaced by numerous constants instead
  • Added a privs command to the system module
  • Stuff in system\variables.php moved to init.php

Version 0.5

  • New priv defaults
    • errors, priv level required for "Command does not exit",etc.
    • guests, priv level for people not in the user list
    • commnads, priv level for commands with the default priv setting
  • New access level: Default.
    • Default is now a proper setting for commands and events.
  • Added ThumbDrive mode for use on thumb drives. The bot doesn't store information until shutdown.
    • Disables logging, regardless of other settings
  • Logging can be turned on and off

General Changes

  • Changes in Metadata
  • Changes in where some settings are stored.
  • Scripts and Modules now require proper metadata
    • To prevent Futurism modules and NoodleBot commands from being used.
  • Added a Module HowTo (in rich text format)

Fixed Bugs

  • Timer class is now fully functioning.
  • Whois timestamps work
  • Loads of minor bugs

Version 0.4b

  • This is a bug fix for 0.4
  • There where a couple of nasty bugs in it that I forget to test for.
  • Easier Setup (config.php now holds the 4 needed things: Username, Password, Owner, Trigger)
    • All but the password are transfered to bot.ini on the first run.
    • The three key items are checked against bot.ini and bot.ini is updated if needed.
  • Bot now builds missing bot.ini

Fixed Bugs

  • Documention was messed up for 0.4 because of an improper setting in the build script.
  • Bot does not work without ignore.ini
    • Configuration is now setup from config.php and bot.ini is built if it does not exist.
  • Various other bugs
  • Fixed Null default privs

Version 0.4

  • Added a timer class
  • Added <php-inline>pingpong2()</php-inline> for better disconnection handling.
    • Sends a malformed packet to the server.
    • Uses the error recieved to reset the timeout variable and checks for socket errors at the same time.
  • Some fixing to the pchat handling
    • Should be in final form
    • Can now use @user to refer to pchats
  • Much better disconnection handling and detection.
  • Switched to Module Metadata (from Futurism 0.3) instead of the other way
  • Timeout is set back to 100 seconds.
  • Added the welcome module for testing.

Fixed Bugs

  • Google script was removed.
  • dAmn functions crash the bot if no chatroom was given. (Futurism 0.2e also)
    • functions return null if there is no chat room.

General Changes

  • Cleaned up the main.php
  • Cleaned up modules.php
  • Cleaned up users.php
  • Renamed files in the system folder.

Known Issues

  • Packets are still buggy (Futurism 0.2e, 0.3 also)

Version 0.3

First Alpha Release

  • Bot defaults to use stored token to login, gets a new one on a failed login
  • Added Timeout code
  • Bot now accurately detects disconnects while behind a router.
  • Added loop event
  • Pchat logging now works
  • Added Scripts
    • Remeber NoodleBot's commands. Scripts are similar.
    • Easier to write than modules and are loaded into memory for faster execution.

Fixed Bugs

  • Did not notice a closed socket
    • Switched back to <php-inline>dAmn::pingpong()</php-inline> instead of <php-inline>dAmn::checkQueues()</php-inline> in the main loop to fix

General Changes

  • Cleaned up system module.
  • General code cleanup.
    • Lots of new functions for cleaner code in main loop
  • Added error handling on most socket calls.


  • Code to prevent the bot from looping infinity on it's own messages is case-sensitive and fails to work if the username is not set in bot.ini.
    • Fixed but not in uploaded copy.
    • Added <php-inline>strtolower()</php-inline> on both sides of the if statements to fix.
    • <php-inline>dAmn::getAuthToken</php-inline> sets <php-inline>$config['bot']['username']</php-inline> from the login info.
  • Google script is el busto


  • Password for the account CryptoPolonium was in the documentation.
  • Didn't check the scripts for functionality before release.

Version 0.2

Known bugs

  • Pchat conversations generate bad file name errors, happens in function <php-inline>registerChat()</php-inline>

New Features

  • Ignore command and builtin ignore list
  • Builtin help system (Not a module)
  • <php-inline>GenerateChatName()</php-inline> fixes pchat so that the order is correct.
  • The bot's home folder is grabbed from the main.php file's location using <php-inline>__FILE__</php-inline>

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a bug that allowed core modules to be turned off
  • Pchat totally failed

General Changes

  • Most commands moved into modules

Version 0.1

  • Added xbot 0.87 module system
  • Added new events. Including several success and failure events
  • The system folder is scanned for includable files instead of explicately calling each file

Version 0.0

  • Switched to Futurism 0.2e core