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The correct title of this article is dAmnZilla. It appears incorrectly here due to technical restrictions.
Developer(s): Miksago
Programming language: Javascript
Minimum requirements: Cross-platform
Development state: 0.3a

Inactive Project
This project appears to be discontinued. This project has no available downloads

dAmnZilla is a Client to dAmn, written in XUL (the Interface) and Javascript (the backend). It runs on the Mozilla platform, making able to run on any platform.


dAmnZilla Currently has no stable releases, as it's still in 0.2a

Subversion Checkout

 svn checkout http://miksago.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/dAmnZilla/


Mozilla Firefox 3


XulRunner 1.9

Addons & Themes

Coming Soon!


Some of the history may be stagnated, it has been built of Miksago's words, and the subversion logs.

January 2008
Work started
24hr Sprint to get XPCOM interfacing with dAmn and Recieving Packets.
Built Basic GUI
2nd February 2008
First commited to SVN, viewable here.
Added Extension Manager support
Shorted and Fixed Login Code DUEL
3rd February 2008
Tried to make tab interface, failed miserably.
4th February 2008
Moved code to Object Oriented or Class based paradigm
All code starting to move over to a Class Paradigm
8th February 2008;
Rewrote Socket library
Added Venkman for Javascript debugging
Wrote a Proof-Of-Concept Bot addon for dAmnZilla
9th February 2008
Built first NSIS installer for dAmnZilla (Really a first Release)
26th February 2008
Fixed in :thumb: support, Built on DiFi and JSON
Work put on hold over other Priorities.
7th June 2008
Rewrote ajax component of DUEL (directly affect dAmnZilla)
Work once again on hold.
28th July 2008
Started work backup on dAmnZilla
2nd & 3rd August 2008
Added better GUI
Now has a list of Chatrooms of which one can join.