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The correct title of this article is dAmnPearl. The initial letter is capitalized due to technical limitations.
dAmnPearl on Debian Linux
Developer(s): DivinityArcane
Programming language: Perl
Minimum requirements: Perl or ActivePerl
Development state: Beta
Source model: Open source
Last stable release: 1.02 (Nov 12 2012)
License type: Free software (GPL)

DAmnPearl Win32.png
dAmnPearl on Windows XP

DAmnPearl Android.png
dAmnPearl on Android OS

dAmnPearl is a simple channel logging bot for dAmn, written in Perl by DivinityArcane. The goal of dAmnPearl is that it be a small, lightweight, simple and easy to use bot for the purposes of logging. It is the first Perl bot for dAmn to be released to date. The bot is BDS compatible, and implements the very basic features of BDS.


The bot itself is a simple log bot, made for just that: logging chatrooms. The design is simplistic and it only features four commands out of the box:

  • About: Provides information on the bot, its owner, and how long it's been running.
  • Commands: Display the commands available.
  • Join: Joins the specified channel.
  • Part: Parts the specified channel.
  • Ping: Check the latency (or lag) between the bot on the dAmn server.
  • Quit: Allows the owner to shut down the bot remotely.
  • Say: Says the specified message to the specified channel.

While the bot does not have many features, it is intended to be more of a learning item for new developers who use Perl. To quote the developer:

The bot is something like two or three hours of work, because it's not anything special. It's a log bot, plain and simple. Something we haven't seen in quite a while.


The bot can be downloaded directly, or through the Git repository.



As of now, downloads will all reflect the GitHub repository. So this link will always be the latest version.



Git Repository: dAmnPearl


Installation is simple on both Linux and Windows based operating systems. First, extract the archive to a folder of its own. Now, we need a Perl distribution. Linux comes with a Perl 5 distribution that will work just fine, but for Windows you will need ActiveState's ActivePerl, so grab that and install it. After installing ActivePerl [if needed], simply run the install_deps file. This will install the needed library for obtaining an authtoken and allowing the bot to log in. After that, you're done! In Linux, run the run_linux.sh file and in Windows you can simply run the run_windows.bat batch file or double-click the bot.pl file.


Any bugs can be found on this page. If you find any bugs, please post them there.