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Developer(s): Green-Day-Hige
Programming language: Java
Development state: Beta 1.3
Source model: Open Source
Last stable release: Beta 1.0
License type: Free software (GPL)


The Essential Features

  • Authtoken Grabbing
  • Login to rooms.
  • Receive / Send Packets

Change Log

BETA 1.0

  • Auto Rejoin
  • Setup box fix
  • Users allowed [full] "/" commands

Alpha 1.6

  • Viewing personal part/joins in Console tab
  • Instructions added
  • Disconnect functions

Alpha 1.4

  • Fixed issue with outgoing packets overriding incoming packets

Alpha 1.3

  • Added tabbed room browsing

Alpha 1.0

  • Added ability to Parse and send messages
  • Incoming packet parsing clean up

Alpha 0.8

  • First Version
  • Basic Features


Known Bugs

  • Emoticons and HTML do not parse to their appropriate values (I have yet to implement tablumpings)


Any feedback you can give me would be appreciated. This is my first venture into real Network programming (with packets and stuff).