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The correct title of this article is dAmnBot. The initial letter is capitalized due to technical limitations.
Developer(s): doofsmack
Programming language: PHP
Development state: Discontinued
Source model: Open source
Last stable release: 1.0 (2004)
Last preview release: None
License type: Free software (GPL)


Discontinued Project
This project has been discontinued and is not recommended for use.

dAmnBot was the first bot ever made for dAmn, written in PHP by doofsmack and twexler. A variety of bots such as NoodleBot are based upon this bot. Today it is discontinued.


dAmnBot included the normal dAmn command, and an autoresponse command. It also included a simple plugin system, with only the user module being preinstalled. Specifically, it included these commands:

  • say
  • me
  • topic
  • title
  • join
  • part
  • kick
  • quit
  • promote
  • demote
  • reconnect
  • autoresponse [add|del|list]
  • about
  • user [add|del|list]


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