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Inactive Project
This project appears to be discontinued.

The dAmnquotes Automatic Administration Bot is a small program written by Vespian written to irradicate spam quickly and effectively from the pending quotes database. The admins of the site were having a lot of problems keeping up with all the spam, so i wrote this to clear the some 900 pending postings. I am making this publicly available here for the site admins to access and use (because the admin I gave it to, isn't using it).

Download Here (md5: 4b70031f9f834b8571f7243375788e9b)

Bug Reports

  • If you find a bug in the program, feel free to post it here.



  • Added error checking.
    • Now checks for socket errors, displays and interprets errors if found.
    • Only interprets the 'Getaddressinfo' socket error, this error is usually caused by a loss of connection to the internet
  • Validates login information.
  • Revamped the statistics tracking. Now only stores data to one file
    • Fixed a bug where the quote fetch was sometimes counted twice by the statistics tracking engine.
  • Available as a script, and a binary.


  • Made the script Object Oriented
  • Now displays quote when the filter determines it's not spam, and asks you what to do with it.
  • Added the ability to approve quotes through the client, without being required to login through the browser.
  • Added the option to edit quotes. (Must be done through the browser, the program will exit).
  • Added statistics tracking.
    • Keeps track of total quotes, and quotes it determined not to be spam in two seperate files.
  • User data is no longer stored in the program, user must enter his/her credentials upon execution.
  • Cleaned up the text output to the screen, It is not more easily interpreted.
  • Obsolete; No longer available.
  • TODO:
    • Validate login information. Bot exits on error if incorrect credentials are supplied.
    • Handle socket errors, and print the fetched error.
    • Clean up statistics tracking.


  • First release, missing some functions and error checking. Functional script Design.
  • Privately released to Kinky-Slingy
    • Never made publicly available.