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Contra 5.7.9

N/A. git moved to

Contra 5.7.8

Contra 5.7.7

Contra 5.7.6

Contra 5.7.5

Contra 5.7.4

Contra 5.7.3

Contra 5.7.2

Contra 5.7.1

Contra 5.7.0

Contra 5.6.6

Contra 5.6.5

Contra 5.6.4

Contra 5.6.3

Contra 5.6.2

Contra 5.6.1

Contra 5.6.0 Public

Contra 5.5.9 Public

Contra 5.5.8 Public

Contra 5.5.7 Public

Contra 5.5.6 Public

Contra 5.5.5 Public

Contra 5.5.4 Public

Contra 5.5.3 Public

Contra 5.5.2 Public

Contra 5.5.1 Public

Contra 5.5.0 Public

Contra 5.4.7 Public

Contra 5.4.6 Public

Contra 5.4.5 Public

Contra 5.4.4 Public

Contra 5.4.3 Public

Contra 5.4.2 Public

Contra 5.4.1 Public

Contra 5.4.0 Public

Contra 5.3.8 Public

Contra 5.3.7 Public

Contra 5.3.6 Public

Contra 5.3.5 Public

Contra 5.3.4 Public

Contra 4 - 5.3.3 Public

Wasn't updated because DeathShadow--666 still sucks. :D

Contra 3 Public

(10th November 2008)

  • cURL is no longer needed!!!
    • A better fix for the login process has been applied.
    • Contra now stores your bot's authtoken!
      • This is to reduce the need to use SSL, making restarts quicker.
  • The core has been brushed up.
  • Fixed a few bugs in the core.
  • Removed the filter on error reporting.
    • Contra has no known errors!
  • Added better switch management for modules and commands.
  • Added a welcome module!
  • Added a responses module!
  • Improved the Games module slightly.
  • A copy of the changelog is now included with the bot.
  • Changed the events system to store event data in a more logical manner.
  • Removed the need to create events before hooking methods to them.

Contra 2.5 Patched

(28th October 2008)

  • Fixed some bugs with commands.
  • Fixed .cmd files for windows users.
  • Fixed a bug which meant you couldn't have spaces in the pathname in phpbin.
  • Changed the output of some commands.
  • The bot now remembers whether a module has been turned on or off.
  • Added command "clrswitches".
    • This clears the saved module statuses.
  • Updated usage of dAmnPHP.
  • Now detects connection timeouts.
  • Patched to work around deviantART's login update.

Contra 2 Public - fix

(19th August 2008)

  • This is a very small bug fix! Download this version!
  • Fixed case sensitivity in ping command.
  • Fixed commands list.
  • Fixed Config script repetition.

Contra 2 Public

(19th August 2008)

  • Reworked dAmn processing to reduce memory usage.
  • Found a simple way to launch shell scripts properly on OS X thanks to electricnet.
  • Tweaked the launch scripts to make them work better.
  • Fixed and added commands.
  • Added an AI module.
  • Tidied up the code a bit.
  • Added a debug mode.
  • Shell scripts now take ~/phpbin into account.
  • Updated documentation included with the bot.

Contra 1 Public

(29th July 2008)

  • Fixed some bugs.
  • Done more dAmn processing.
  • Fixed some more bugs.
  • Finished all of the core commands.
  • And fixed more bugs.
  • Added some form of documentation.
  • Added shell scripts and cmd files.

Contra 1 (Amphino++) Preview

(22nd July 2008)

  • Finished dAmn processing.
  • Finished CLI.
  • Finished most of the core.

Contra 0 (Amphino++)

(15th July 2008)

  • Started making Contra.