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Project Caustic
Caustic 7f Preview
Developer(s): Kyogo
Programming language: PHP
Development state: Alpha
Source model: Open source

License type: Free software (GPL)
Influenced by: Contra, Futurism

Inactive Project
This project appears to be discontinued and is not recommended for use.

Project Caustic (Formerly QBot) is a PHP bot by Kyogo. It is planned to be a feature-rich and user-friendly bot; Easy to setup and maintain. It will contain most (if not more) of the functions contained in bots like Dante, and should be able to run on most systems flawlessly.

It is to be released in beta (9*) before its final version (10g) to the users of #Botdom.


You can download 7f to laugh at the code I wrote around five years ago if you're bored :) --Kyogo 14:07, 18 July 2012 (PDT)

Caustic 7f Alpha


  • Write modules...
  • Documentation...


  • Post them here...



(September 2nd, 2008; 21:56:16 GMT-800)

  • Rewrote a lot of the core, for stability.
  • Rewrote the packet handler, cut off about 45% percent of the code, much smaller, more efficient.
  • Fixed a few memory leaks in the way the core initialized.
  • Rewrote Many of the internal functions for increased stability and much lower memory use.
  • Rewriting the modules bit by bit.
  • Added more modules.
  • Added an event system.
  • Disconnect handling was having trouble when reconnecting and getting a new authtoken. (Need to see how it works now, after next dAmn reset)
  • Commented a lot of the functions.
  • A few new system functions to save time and space.


(August 25th, 2008; 01:00:16 GMT-800)

  • Fixed the modules loader
  • Revised a few things in the core
  • Handles PChats now, and sends to them! (Thank god for Wireshark.)
  • Added a few small commands.
  • Revised Packet Handler
  • Parses all error packets, including kill.


(August 24th, 2008; 17:09:43 GMT-800)

  • Fixed DC handling
  • Patches various bugs in the core
  • Fixed some of the modules failing to load
  • Revised the command & modules lists


(August 23rd, 2008; 20:38:43 GMT-800)

  • Ported over old code and rewrote a lot of it.
  • Modules system
  • Fixed users system
  • Added more commands


(August 23rd, 2008; 15:33:43 GMT-800)

  • Re-Wrote packet parser
  • Re-Wrote packet handler
  • Added system functions
  • Added ANSI compatibility
  • Handles all packets now
  • Has functions for 95% of dAmn chat functions
  • Should handle disconnects
  • Wrote completely in Fedora Core 8, Stability seems to be quite high.

Heckert GNU white.png
This work is released under the GNU General Public License, which allows you to freely use, modify, or distribute it, as long as you give these rights to subsequent users of (this work or your derivative of it) too.