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Developer(s): Coasterfreak3000
Programming language: C#
Minimum requirements: (possible) .NET framework 2 or 3
Development state: Pre-Planning
Source model: Open Source
Last stable release: none (none)
License type: Free software (CC)

Inactive Project
This project appears to be discontinued. This project has no available downloads

Notes From Dev

This is my first bot project. This may take a while Other notes: To tell the truth i don't know what language I'm doing it in. I'm gonna try C# after i learn it. Currently learning at a rapid pace


  • None

Change Log


  • start from scratch
  • wiki made
  • Grab Auth Token Made (used auth grabber from dAmn/AuthTokens C#)
  • Learned up to Lesson 13 of C# coding-- updates every so often