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Please abide by these rules when you are in #Botdom, whatever privclass you're in. People who persistently break the rules will be dealt with, depending on severity of their disruptions.


Be Respectful
Please respect all other members and guests and treat others as you want to be treated. The rule of thumb is, don't annoy others in the chatroom on purpose. Please try to avoid launching unwarranted personal attacks on anyone in the chatroom.
Be Helpful
Please try to help people who ask for it, If you are unable to help, please be kind to the user and explain why in a nice way.
Your own bots
Since this is a chatroom about bots, you are more than welcome to bring in your own bots. However, they still need to abide by all rules mentioned on this page, as any other normal user.
dAmn rules
Everyone in #Botdom needs to abide by the general dAmn rules.


Although #Botdom is a place to test your bots, please do not purposefully spam, or use your bot as a tool for spamming. It causes disruption, and wastes time and bandwidth. A few examples of spam are:
  • Advertising: This includes but is not limited to thumbs, personal website, your own chatroom etc.
  • Flooding: Sending messages repeatly draws attention away from other events in the channel and is impolite as well as disruptive. This includes using bots in this room to flood other channels.
  • Heated arguments: While appropriate debates and discussions are not discouraged, in cases of severe disagreements (personal or otherwise), please move the debate away from the chatroom if it drags on or if it is disrupting the atmosphere of the channel.
  • Etc. Generally, please don't try to cause disruption.
Incite dA rule-breaking or law-breaking 
Please do not ask or incite anyone to break the dA rules or the law. This includes (but isn't limited to) trying to obtain copies of pirated software. Therefore, we cannot and will not help you in any way regarding warez, crackz, serialz etc. People talking about these things will be kicked and eventually banned if they continue.
Auto-rejoin after being kicked
While many users in #Botdom have scripts that result in them automatically rejoining the room after being kicked, we have to ask that you disable such functionality if possible, or cause it to not function when the phrase "autokicked" is included in the "reason". Failure to do so will result in a warning. Repeated offenses will result in a ban.
Ignore the moderators or admins
You may think that it does not matter, or that it's nobody's business who you choose to ignore, but a moderator or admin of any chatroom can't effectively do their jobs when users are ignoring them. It will simply get you kicked or banned from the room.