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See the extensive [http://rdoc.info/github/incluye/participle/master RDoc documentation] online.
See the extensive [http://rdoc.info/github/incluye/participle/master RDoc documentation] online.

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running participle!
Developer(s): incluye
Programming language: Ruby
Development state: Active
Source model: Open source
Last preview release: 1.4.0 (Feb 23, 2011)
License type: Free software (GPL)

Inactive Project
This project appears to be discontinued and is not recommended for use.

participle is a Ruby bot created by incluye. Its syntax is similar to the Cinch IRC bot. It requires Ruby 1.9.


  • Full-fledged extension system
  • Basic permissions management
  • Dynamic loading/unloading of modules
  • Queued logging (superbot-impervious!)
  • Actually pretty okay setup
  • Cross-platform (thank you, Ruby!)


  • participle v1.4.0 tar.gz | zip
    • Backported to Ruby 1.8, using Iconv in stdlib for encoding conversion.
  • participle v1.3.0 tar.gz | zip
    • Command-line interface (Unix only)
    • Theming system for the logs!
  • participle on GitHub (bleeding-edge) tar.gz | zip
    • Unless you have very good reason to be using a previous version of participle, get the latest version from the repo. The bot is under very active development.

For older releases, see the downloads page on Github.


See the extensive RDoc documentation online.