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Panavia Preview2.2.png
Panavia 0.2.2Alpha developers' Preview on windows
Developer(s): Fox
Programming language: Python
Minimum requirements: Python 3.x Or Python 2.x
Development state: Golden
Last stable release: 7.1 (9/20/2015)
License type: CC
Influenced by: Komodo

Discontinued Project
This project has been discontinued.


Panavia is a bot developed by me, OrrinFox. It is based upon the event system used by Komodo. My aim for this bot was to create a bot comparable to Komodo running on ANY system possible. Fully tested, this bot has no OS dependencies and runs well. Panavia is in it's final state and I don't plan on doing any updates to it unless necessary.


Panavia features a fully extensible system, and allows custom extensions to be made along side system and default extensions. Originally written in Python 3.2, Panavia should be able to operate on Python 2.7 through 3.x as well. Currently Panavia also employs a simple privilege system.



I have to give a big thanks to Blazer: he and his work inspired me to learn Python and has helped me a lot. He was the creator of Komodo; he made it with the hope to inspire others, and that hope came true. Thanks a million! I'd also like to thank Photofroggy for making dAmnViper and providing this awesome library to the public for development; It has come a long way. I'd also like to thank all the developers in #Botdom: they helped out a lot. Thanks everyone!

Screen Shots:

Screenshots of Panavia running on various systems. view on right

Panavia 2.2Alpha Running on windows
Panavia 2.2Alpha Running on Macintosh OSX
Panavia 2.3Alpha Running on Linux (Ubuntu 12.04)


Panavia's custom made extensions can be found here.


Current release 'Panavia-Fuchsia'

This would be the one you want to download. It is the one I have finished, the latest.

Older release ' Panavia-Dharma'

This is the older model. im really only keeping for sentimental reasons.


This work is released under the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommerical ShareAlike 3.0 License, which allows you to freely use, modify or distribute it, however you are not allowed to make commercial use of this work, you need to credit the original creator of the work, and all deratives you make of this work have to be released under a license identical to this one.