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deviantART stock photo, because Subject can't draw :(
Dante screenshot.gif
Dante startup sequence.
Developer(s): nol888 (Former),
SubjectX52873M (Former),
Programming language: PHP
Minimum requirements: PHP 5
Source model: Open source
Last stable release: 0.12.3 (Jun 14, 2011)
License type: Free software (GPL)
Influenced by: Futurism, xbot

Discontinued Project
This project has been discontinued and is not recommended for use.

Dante is a bot written by SubjectX52873M to fill the niche of a bot for anything. It doesn't have a specific purpose in mind other than a flexible structure, stable core, and being relatively easy to program for. Its module system (which was gleefully lifted from xbot) allows programmers to modify the bot to do just about anything. It's core was originally modified Futurism code (Core was rewritten at version 0.9). Dante's robust core grace fully handles disconnections from the server and runs much faster than previous bots. (NoodleBot and dAmnBot) Dante is the first bot to include annonated source code, a manual, and extensive documentation with the use of PHPDoc. This allows programmers to easily write new modules and add functionality. So why not give it a try?

Dante's motto: "If it's open source it's not stealing, it's sharing" - Olyrion

Endorsement by Zeros-Elipticus: "Dante is by far, the best bot I've come across for dAmn."

A note by SubjectX52873M: "I have to thank all the people that inspired and give me pointers on this project, Olyrion, Electricnet, infinity0, and plaguethenet".

Current Features

Dante robustly handles disconnects from the dAmn server, adding to its stability above other bots developed during its era. It was also among one of the first bots to officially support pchat namespaces.

The bot was fully documented using PHPDoc, and a full user manual was written by its original developer (SubjectX52873M), which was more in depth than the typical README file included with NoodleBot and the like.

It should be noted that the modules system is based upon xbot 0.87, although heavily modified in such a way that modules for PHP versions of Futurism are easy to port. A major benefit for developers is the Timer event, which allows one to schedule callbacks for modules such as Trivia. It also includes a simple script engine similar to NoodleBot's.

Additional features include flood protection, a command "help" API and a privileges system that enables the bot to ignore users.

Dante 0.8 included the following "modules":

  • System - Contains system commands for the bot.
  • AI - Contains Futurism's AI as a Dante module.
  • Away - away messages for users without dAx ("SuperdAmn" of the distant past)
    • Commands: away, back
  • Games - Games for Dante
    • Commands: roll, word, fnorder, fortune, 8ball, big,dsay, idler
  • Notes
    • Commands: note
  • Searches
    • Commands: g(o+)gle (RegEx for "google")
  • Welcome - Advanced flexable welcome system
    • Commands: welcome, wt, wtadmin


READ THIS: You are downloading Beta software. There is no guarantee this bot will work or be free of errors. Dante was designed on Windows XP using PHP 5.1.2. It has never been tested officially on Windows Vista, Windows 9x/ME. Bot should run on Debian linux but needs the PHP5-CLI package installed and any PHP plugins required by the bot. PHP is cross-platform and Dante is coded mostly cross platform.

File types

File types

  • ZIP is the standard for Windows. They appear as compressed folders in XP and Vista
  • RAR is the compression format for WinRAR (A compression program)
  • TAR/GZ is a Tarball file, the standard for linux.

Dante 0.12.3

  • Removed

Older releases

  • Removed


Data Share Module

This module has been added into dante downloads on 18/09/2010, but is available to existing users of Dante (Keep in mind that, by just installing this module instead of the new Dante download, there will be a lot of extra messages on the bot's window) . It basically adds the Data Share system to the bot. Created for Dante by Chaos21, modified to work with existing botcheck system by DeathShadow--666. Original version of module written in C# by plaguethenet. In order to install this module, you will need to delete the old notes module on your bot.


I was originally going to write my bot in Python but I was able to get out of a boring HTML class, which I had taken at a previous college. The professor said I could do an independent project instead of the class. I decided to make the bot I was thinking about. As such I had to write it in php because my knowledge of Python is limited at best.

I have been reading the Divine Comedy. That is were the current name comes from. It's a bit odd I know but I didn't want BOT!!! in the title. Bot this, bot that. I wanted something different. I need a real name for the bot before I release it.

I started with the plan to code it completely by myself but after I completed the "rough draft" of my packet handling code I decided to switch to a Futurism core and modified the heck out of it.

Misc. Stuff

Bots I'm sharing from:

See also

  • Dante/Change Log - development history by major release.
  • Dante/Known Bugs - issues with the current release, to be fixed by NarratorOfTownsville.
  • Dante_modules - installable modules that end users can take advantage of.
  • Charon 1.0 - a logging bot based on Dante's core. If you want to develop a bot this would be a good starting place; it has only logging and basic commands.
dAmn Projects by SubjectX52873M

Heckert GNU white.png
This work is released under the GNU General Public License, which allows you to freely use, modify, or distribute it, as long as you give these rights to subsequent users of (this work or your derivative of it) too.