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Contra v3 startup Mac.png
Developer(s): photofroggy (Former)
Programming language: PHP
Minimum requirements: PHP 5.4.x
Development state: RC
Source model: Open source
Last stable release: 5.7.7 (Jul 28, 2015)
License type: Free software (CC)

Contra (AKA Amphino++) by photofroggy, is an object oriented PHP bot, and is completely free to use. This is designed to be a full replacement for Amphino. The structure for this bot is much better and is more lightweight than Amphino. Development started on 15th July 2008.


So far Contra has these features.

  • Easy to install, configure and run.
  • Runs on all platforms!
  • Full dAmn processing and logging.
  • Full Object Oriented extensions system allowing easy customization.
  • Event based system for flexibility!


Contra's extra modules listing can now be found at Contra modules

Feedback & Bugs

Feedback is appreciated, leave any feedback on the discussion page of this article. Also leave any suggestions on the discussion page.

Bugs should be reported to Bugtracker so they can be fixed.



  • GIT Versions:
    • Dev: Contra - Only use this if you plan to keep up-to-date with it. May be unstable.
    • Stable: Contra - This is the same version as latest download.

Old Releases

Change log

Read documentation on Contra on Botdom Documentation.


  • Contra is not an official service of and is not affiliated in any way with
  • Contra is provided "as-is" with no guarantee.
  • I, photofroggy, take no responsibility for any damages to your computer caused by Contra or any extensions of Contra.
    • I am not responsible for how this bot is used on any chat network that it may be used on, including, but not limited to, dAmn.
  • If you have difficulty setting up the bot then I am under no obligation to help you get it running. (That doesn't mean don't ask!)

This work is released under the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommerical ShareAlike 3.0 License, which allows you to freely use, modify or distribute it, however you are not allowed to make commercial use of this work, you need to credit the original creator of the work, and all deratives you make of this work have to be released under a license identical to this one.
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