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This page is a FAQ for #Botdom. Got a question? See if it's answered here, if not, check Botdom Documentation or ask in our chat!

What's a bot?

A bot is a computer program that runs on a user's computer and is connected to dAmn, and seemingly looks like a normal person on the network, until it is called on to perform a number of operations. Chatroom logging is one of the main purposes of a bot. Additional uses include retrieving information from various sources. (Google, etc.) Some people have modified their bots with trivia games and other types of games, sometimes very advanced and spanning several rooms.

There has been a recent influx of users asking for bots that do things outside of the chatrooms, such as post on profile pages and distribute points to other users. This is mostly about points bots. #Botdom does not, has never, and will never support nor distribute bots that do these things. What is and isn't against the rules can be tricky to determine, and there is no interest amongst any of the developers to create software of this nature. If you've come to #Botdom to get software like this, there is nothing we can do to help you.

How can I get a bot?

See our big Install a bot guide over at Botdom Documentation, a place filled with helpful information!

What should I remember before asking questions in #Botdom?

We will try to answer every question given, but if you ask us a question in the chatroom, remember that most of us are not watching the chatroom in the exact moment you are asking. Please wait a couple of minutes and if no one answers within 10 minutes, feel free to start poking some of us, as some may not see that you are there if you do not highlight them.

Also, do not wait to ask a question, or ask for permission to ask one. Just ask it, and things will go as fast as possible for all of us. :)

The topic/title is too large! I can't see!

Botdom is best viewed at a resolution of 1024×768 or higher. If you can't see because of the topic or title of the room, try hitting the F11 key on the keyboard to use your web browser in full screen mode. (Press F11 again to go back.) Also try closing unnecessary toolbars like the Google or Yahoo! toolbar (if you have them). Sorry, but we are not going to change the title or topic just for you.

Where are your chat rules?

Thanks for asking! They are located here.

Where can I learn the program languages the bots are based on?

Here's some handy links to programming language pages if you want to learn them:

What do the different privclasses mean?


  • Botdom bot's privclass. The botdom bot is responsible for promoting Bots and Bot Owners to their proper privclasses.
  • Privs: Admin, title, topic, kick, -shownotice, promote to BotdomTeam, demote to Banned


  • The administrators of the chatroom. They are responsible for keeping order. Promotion is decided on by other botdom team members.
  • Privs: Admin, title, topic, kick, promote to BotdomTeam, demote to Banned


  • Channel moderators. Responsible for keeping order and also helping out with new users and those not familiar with bots. Promotion is based on a combination of time in the chatroom and programming experience.
  • Privs: Topic, kick, promote to BotOwners, demote to SilencedBots


  • Members who have been active for a long time and are recognised for their contributions to our humble community.
  • Privs: promote to BotOwners, demote to SilencedBots


  • Anyone that runs a bot. Some users are knowledgeable and helpful with setting up bots. Promotion is based on owning a bot. If you own one, you are promoted.
  • Standard privs.


  • Anyone trying to install a bot or pending promotion into Botowners.
  • Standard privs.


  • Any user in the room may be demoted if they refuse to follow the Rules
  • Privs: -msg


  • Bots being tested
  • Standard privs.


  • Anything that's a bot.
  • Privs: -shownotice (When bots join there is no announcement of their arrival.)


  • Bots that are annoying in some way. If they have a trigger that is that same as a bot being tested or if they have a welcome message, it needs to be silenced.
  • Privs: -shownotice -msg


  • Banned users live here.
  • Privs: -join

How can I get a bot I created listed in the title?

Go to this page. Note that this is for bot devs only.