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Developer(s): photofroggy
Programming language: PHP
Minimum requirements: PHP 5.2.6
Source model: Open source
Last stable release: 1 (11th december 2008)
License type: Free software (CC)

Discontinued Project
This project has been discontinued. This project has no available downloads

Calf is a bare bones bot designed and created by photofroggy. This bot is designed to only be the very basics of a bot, which includes logging. Calf is now publicly available for download below. Use wisely.


I wrote this partly to have something to provide a replacement for Charon, and also as something that people can learn from. People often ask how to make a bot and venture into the world of bot development with no idea what's really going on with bots. I hope that Calf will provide some understanding in how bots are created, and some insight into certain concepts in bots, like logging and dAmn handling.
This bot is also intended to be a logging bot, and can simply be used for that. It has an easy setup, and runs without many problems.

Having said that I would like people to learn from Calf, I would prefer it if people creating "new" bots did not use Calf as a core for their own bot. This is meant as an educational piece, not a shortcut for development.


Current features in Calf are as follows.

  • Full dAmn disconnection handling.
  • Full dAmn processing.
  • Full dAmn logging.
  • Debug mode.
  • Simple configuration.


Calf doesn't really have commands, but there are three things you can do with it by typing "[botname]: [command]". If your bot was called "Charlie" and you wanted to use the "ping" "command" then you would use "Charlie: ping". These are pseudo-commands and are case insensitive. They are also restricted to the owner only, apart from the about command.

  • About - Displays basic information about the bot.
  • Join [channel[ channel2]] - Join channel(s)
  • Part [channel[ channel2]] - Part channel(s)
  • Ping - Use this to test the network speed for the bot.
  • Quit [hard] - Use this to stop the bot. "Quit hard" would close the window it is running in.
  • Restart - Restart the bot! And yes, it's a full restart.

Change Log

Calf 1

(11th December 2008)

  • Done everything required.

Calf 0

(5th September 2008)

  • Started the project by ripping Contra to pieces!


This work is released under the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommerical ShareAlike 3.0 License, which allows you to freely use, modify or distribute it, however you are not allowed to make commercial use of this work, you need to credit the original creator of the work, and all deratives you make of this work have to be released under a license identical to this one.
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