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Welcome to the Community Portal of Botdom Wiki. Here you can see what's currently needing work, you can find a list of commonly visited pages and much more!

First Time?

This is a wiki for a room on the deviantART message network, called #Botdom. The room's purpose is to promote and work on chat bots for that network. There have been a number of bots published so far, with more to come, each with many features, and each day, bots are getting increasingly popular.

On this wiki, you can find information on the established bots, read about new exciting projects, or even start a project of your own!

The list of all pages is one of the good places to start at. Have fun! Also, you can have a look at the help files if you're feeling a little lost.

Wanted Pages

.. wanted pages list coming soon.

Pages The Need You!

.. pages needing cleaning up are coming soon..