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Read general information about Terra on the Botdom Wiki.

Terra is a new bot by photofroggy and is made in Python. Here we have documentation for the bot.

The Basics!

Here is basic documentation that is here for everyone! Even people new to bots! I hope you find this stuff useful!


Here are some quick guides to help you set up Terra as quickly as possible.


These are the extensions included with Terra

  • System - Extension used to control your bot's system.
  • dAmn Manager - This manages the connection to dAmn, and searches messages for the bot's trigger character.
  • dAmn - This is mainly a store for dAmn-related commands.
  • Notes - Notes can be left for people on dAmn.
  • Example - This is just an example of how to make extensions.
  • Birthdays - A simple extension to view, store and compare birthdays and ages.


You can view a copy of Terra's disclaimer here!

Developer tools! Developer Documentation

If you want to make your own extensions for Terra, this is the place for you! Check out the documentation below and things should be as easy as possible for you.

Customizing Terra

These articles give you the essential information for customizing your bot!


Here are the documents for the objects contained in Terra!


Terra uses several modules containing classes and functions which are quite useful. Here is documentation for some of the important ones.


Terra also uses some classes to represent special data types. The classes used are below.