Install Python 3 on Linux

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Python is a high-level language used by some dAmn bots. To use any of the Python bots, you must install Python before installing the bot. Below are the steps for installing Python with bot support:

The Python logo

NOTE: There are two different versions of Python with slightly different syntax: Python 2.x and Python 3.x. Trying to run a bot that requires 3.x when you only have 2.x installed will not work. These setup instructions are for Python 3.x only.

Install Python 3.x

If your on any modern linux distro, then most likely you already have python already installed! here is the simplest way to make sure.

  1. Open up a terminal
  1. Type in python3

you should get a python console interface, if not and it shows an error, then you do not have python 3.x installed.

Of course, installing such programming language on an OS such as linux, can be varied. It would be best to look up on the web how to install python 3.x on your OS.

Bots released

Now, you simply install one of the bots released for linux.