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The correct title of this article is dAmn Viper. The initial letter is capitalized due to technical limitations.
Read general information about DAmn Viper on the Botdom Wiki.

dAmn Viper is a Python package created by photofroggy. The package contains modules and classes which can be used to connect to, and interact with, dAmn. To download this module, head over to the Botdom wiki page.


If you want to use this module, you might want to view the below articles to see how to do things properly.

Developer documentation

The articles in this section should give you some more information on how to use the module properly.

Basic Usage

If you are using dAmn Viper in your project, place the package in your application's main folder, so that you can use <python-inline>import dAmnViper</python-inline> directly. If you do not do this, then the package will not work without changes being made to the code.

The recommended way of importing modules and classes from dAmn Viper is shown below. <python>

  1. Importing everything from the parse module.

from dAmnViper import parse

  1. This allows us to use the packet parser.

packet = parse.Packet('recv chat:Botdom\n\nmsg main\nfrom=photofroggy\n\nHello there!')

  1. While the above does work, it is preferred to explicitly import each class that you need to use.
  2. Importing the ReconnectingClient from the base module should serve as a fine example.

from dAmnViper.base import ReconnectingClient

  1. Now we can create a client with great ease!

dAmn = ReconnectingClient() </python>

Sticking to the above should keep things manageable.


The modules included in dAmn Viper are as follows:


Below is a quick-list for all of the classes defined in dAmn Viper.

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