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Read general information about Contra on the Botdom Wiki.

Contra is a new bot by photofroggy and is intended as a full replacement for Amphino. Here we have documentation for the bot.

The Basics!

Here is basic documentation that is here for everyone! Even people new to bots! I hope you find this stuff useful!


Here are some quick guides to help you set up Contra as quickly as possible.


The pages below give short descriptions of each command available in some of the modules included with Contra v3.

  • System module - Contra's system commands used to manage the bot!
  • dAmn module - Commands related to dAmn included with Contra.

Development Documents

This stuff is more complicated and should be referred to by developers and those wanting to make modules for Contra! While this is the more complicated stuff, extending modules should be easy to grasp if you know the basics of PHP!

Extend Contra

Find out how to extend Contra here!


Here are the documents for the classes contained in Contra!