Beginners Guide to Bots

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Things you need to know about Bots

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bot? A bot can be defined differently, though the official definition by deviantART can be found in FAQ #510

What do Bots do and what are they used for? Bots can be connected to any number of specific channels in the deviantART Message Network (Chat), and will perform various preset commands when instructed to by their owner. Bots are often used for controlling and maintaining chatrooms, logging, and as general tools of the chat.

What is a command? A command is, as the name suggests, something which you tell a bot to do. When you give an instruction to your bot, it will check to see if it has a function to perform relating to the command you have given it, and will then carry out its program.

What is a Trigger? A trigger is one or a number of characters which you put before a command to your bot, this trigger will inform your bot that the command is intended to be processed by itself, not by another bot. Without a trigger, every sentence spoken in any chat would be read as a command and your bot would get very confused.

Can I put my Bot in any chatroom? No. Some people don't like Bots in their chatroom, and this goes especially for Official chatrooms such as #help, #devart and #trivia

How do I register my Bot? To register your bot, follow the instructions in FAQ #795

How do I get a Bot? Go here and follow the instructions carefully, Install a Bot

Why is my Bot Silenced in #Botdom? We silence Bots if they are being a nuisance to users in the chat. If a bot has welcomes, autoresponses or an AI enabled, it will be responding without control by the owner and will need to be silenced. If a bot has commands which we deem to be annoying or irresponsible, they will be silenced. The rules of #Botdom can be found Here

Are Bots easy to use? Most Bots that have been written will run straight out of the box, assuming that you have the relevant software installed (php etc..). However, some coding knowledge will be required if you wish to write custom commands or edit existing ones. A certain level of understanding will be required also, you'll need to get to grips with how the bots work to fully utilise their abilities.