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Spamfilter for Komodo is simple and effective. You need only turn it on and change the name of the silenced privclass if you changed it to something other than 'Silenced'. You can optionally change the amount of time a person is silenced for spamming, it is defaulted to 30 minutes.

This spamfilter works by keeping track of the last 10 messages sent, as well as the timestamps of those messages, in lists. If a single person makes up at least half of that list, it will look at the difference between the last message's timetamp and the 10th message's timestamp, and if it is 10 seconds or less, it will kick someone and record the amount of times kicked, silencing the third time for 30 minutes.

This means
that if
they could get kicked.

This spamfilter also bans anyone for 30 minutes who will try to bypass the message spamming with join/part flooding, in the same way as above.

If you haven't already activated the extension, type !extensions Spamfilter on.


Note: this command can have #chatroom as it's first subcommand to apply it to a different chatroom.
  • !spamfilter on - Turns on the spamfilter in the current room
  • !spamfilter off - Turns off the spamfilter in the current room
  • !spamfilter settings - Shows you the current settings for spamfilter
  • !spamfilter privclass SILENCED - Changes the privclass the bot will demote to to SILENCED
  • !spamfilter timer 60 - Changes the silence/ban timer to 60 minutes
  • !spamfilter clearoffenders - Clears all offenders' kick counts in the chatroom